Classic Vehicle – 1970’s passenger bus

1970's Classic Vehicle Passenger Bus Charging problem

This was an interesting problem to solve, 

This bus had dual alternators charging at 24v but only 1 battery.

maybe it had 2 when it was being used commercially.

the owner had changed both the alternators on this bus, thinking that it would cure his charging problem, but no.

he did have a wiring diagram, which helped, 

having carried out a charging check and making the alternators charge, I found that the alternators  where in fact charging, but no charge getting to the battery or the charging lights going out.

in checking the separate regulators I could see that they were not getting any voltage, but why ?



classic vehicle- passenger bus fusing

checking again and following the route of the wiring I found the wiring going into 2 big black boxes, on further investigation I found that these where heavy duty fuses and that the fuses had blown.

fortunately they had spare fuses bolted inside the boxes, changed out the fuses and we had full charging once again.

classic vehicle 1970's Bus