Classic Vehicle Electrical Repairs

Classic Vehicle Electrical Repairs

In amongstĀ  all the other vehicle that we work on, we get asked to repair electrical faults on classic vehicles.

Yes we do carry out electrical repairs to classic vehicles.

I like classic vehicle electrical repairs, the vehicles are normally a lot simpler to work on and very rarley

have electronics to complicate the matter.

we don’t work on as many classic vehicles as we do modern vehicles, but over the past 3 months we have worked on quite a few.

This Classic Ford Zephyr was suffering from intermittent loss of the ignition electrics.

A quick diagnosis and we had found the problem, and carried out the electrical repair.

Its always great to see the owners happy again, they spend a lot of time and money on their classic cars / classic vehicles and are happy to see their pride and joy working correctly again.

Ford Zephry - Classic Car Repair
Classic vehicle repair
ford zephry classic vehicle repair
classic vehicle repair - ford zephry

We have also had the chance to work on a very rare beast this 1965

E Type has been completely rebuilt, everything is as new,

The old engine has been removed and a modern supercharged V8 from a modern Jaguar has been installed, along with the modern Jaguars braking system, which I think it would need with a power plant like that.

Jaguar E-Type Classic Vehicle Repair
Jaguar Etype Wheel
Jaguar E Type
Jaguar E Type Headlight
Jaguar E type Electrical Repair