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From 1998, Ford changed the alternators from the traditional fixed regulator to a new ECU controlled unit.these first appeared on the Ford Focus.

This means that the smart charging alternator was introduced, most drivers would not have known that they had this new smart charging alternator, or what it's benefits are, untill they go wrong and stop charging.
Once these new Ford Focus and now Transit Connect and Mondeos are out of warranty and the alternator fails they can be very difficult to diagnose the fault and can be very expensive to replace, and this happens a lot, as garages take a guess and replace the alternator with out properly checking to see if the smart charging aleternator is actually at fault, and who can blame them with out a specific bit of diagnostic equipment then they are almost immpossible to check.
Fourtunatley we now have equipment built to diagnose smart charge alternators whilst still on the car.

Unlike the old ACR alaternators the new Smart Charging Alternators are controlled by the cars ECU.
this means that the ECU is sending a signal to the alternator to controll the regulator within.
If the wiring to the alternator breaks the alternator will go into limp home mode.
this has been happening on a regular basis on the Ford Focus and on the Ford Transit connect, so before you go buying expensive replacement smart charge alternators, perhaps we can help buy checking the alternator and then checking the wiring.

Smart Charge Alternators used on the following Ford vehicles.

If you have one of these vehicles then we can check the alternator and charging system, before you buy a new and expensive replacement unit.


Ford Transit Connect 1.8D 130Amp 02 >>>

Ford Transit??? (new drive by wire?) 2.3i 150 amp 02 >>>


Ford Focus 1.4 16v 80/90 amp 98 >>>

Ford Focus 1.6 16v 80/90 amp 98 >>>

Ford Focus 1.8 16v 80/90 amp 98 >>>

Ford Focus 1.8 diesel turbo 80/90 120 amp 98 >>>

Ford Focus 2.0 16v 80/90 amp 98 >>>

Ford Focus 2.0i st770 80/90 am 02 - 05

Ford Focus 2.0I RS 80/90 amp 02 >>>

Ford Focus 1.6 diesel turbo TDCi 150 amp 03 >>>

Ford Focus 2.0 diesel turbo TDCi 150 amp 03 >>>

FORD KA. (may be Magnetti Marelli, Visteon, or Valeo units)

Ford KA 1.3 duratec E engine 03 >>>

Ford KA 1.3 05 >>>

Ford KA 1.6 03 >>>

FORD MONDEO. (may be visteon units).

Mondeo 1.8 16v AT-GE 90 amp 00 >>>

Mondeo 1.8 16v 90 amp 03 >>>

Mondeo 2.0 16v AT-GE 90 amp 00 >>>

Mondeo 2.0 diesel turbo TDCi 90 amp 01 >>>

Mondeo 2..2 16v 90 amp 04 >>>

Mondeo 2.5 V6 GE 90 amp 00 >>>

Mondeo 2.5 V6 TT 90 amp 00 >>>

Mondeo 3.0 V6 24v 90 amp 02 >>>


Ford Fusion 1.4 diesel turbo TDCi 80/150 amp 02 >>>

Ford Fusion 1.4 Petrol Zetec 90 amp 02 >>>


Ford Fiesta 1.4 diesel turbo TDCi 80/150 amp 01 >>>


Ford Mazda 2 1.4 diesel turbo 150 amp 03 >>>


Jaguar X type 2.0 diesel turbo 90 amp 03 >>>

Jaguar X type 2.2 diesel turbo 90 amp 05 >>>



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